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Reverse “Singlespeed Kit”



The Reverse Components single-speed conversion kit allows you to convert your conventional hub with a Shimano freewheel body to a single-speed drive.
Thanks to the seven different spacers, the cog can be optimally positioned on the freewheel body to guarantee a straight chain line.

The Reverse single speed cog comes with an extra wide flange of 7 mm, which improves the power transmission gently to the freewheel body. The common width of the flange is only 2.8 mm, which can cut into the softer aluminium freewheels easily, which can lead to permanent damage to freewheel body! The 7 mm width Reverse Cog reduces this possibility.


– Flange: 7 mm
– Cog: 13T
– Tooth thickness: 1.8 mm
– Weight: 49 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
– 7 spacers included
– Lock ring in matching color
– Compatible: 1 by 12-speed chains
– Material: Aluminium (Spacer) / Steel (Cog)


– Extra wide flange on the cog (7 mm) : Allows better  power transmission to the freewheel body
– 7 spacers for setting the perfect chain line (2 x 10 mm, 1 x 5 mm, 4 x 3 mm)


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Reverse “Singlespeed Kit”


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