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Naos SELVA – Green Speck



The Naos Selva is one of our two mountainbike goggles. The Naos Selva has a “frameless” look, allowing for an ultra-wide field of vision.

Our mountainbike goggles have been designed based on over a decade of mountainbiking and cycling experience. They answer the highest desires of modern downhill/enduro mountain bikers.

We’re particularly proud of our ultra-fast lens release system based on magnets which allows riders to change their lens within seconds. Considering that classic lens replacement takes about 5 minutes, you could get another run in before your fellow shredders have replaced theirs. No more fooling around with tedious lens replacement systems, just take out one lens, and pop in the other!

With its flexible frame, the Naos Selva guarantees a perfect fit on your face. We used high quality vent foam to obtain maximum ventilation and safety (we got your back you sweaty boy/girl 😉).

The ultra-lightweight frame of the Selva is made from strong and flexible biobased TPU, which has a much lower environmental impact than classic TPU. But that’s not all, thanks to a HD nano-coating, the lenses are water-repellent. They also underwent an anti-fog treatment. Lastly, we value your eyes so made sure that they will be protected against harsh UV using UV400 protection.



Ultra-wide field of vision

Frameless look

Ultra-light strong and flexible biobased TPU frame

UV400 glasses

HD nano-coating a.k.a. a water-repellent coating


-what’s in the box?-

One pair of smoking hot SELVA goggles standard installed with sun lens (ideal for open areas)

One magnetic clear lens for darker conditions such as forest riding, cloudy/rainy weather

A multi-functional microfiber pouch bag that serves as a… bag but also as a cleaning cloth

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Naos SELVA – Green Speck


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